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Hi, I’m Courtney. Before the pandemic hit, I was living it up as a young copy editor at an alt-weekly in Florida and an office manager for my family’s business. Now I’m an assistant editor for another publication, and I’ve taken a step back from my family’s business. I’m losing my passion for writing by trying to stick it out where I am, and my income is dwindling. This blog is how I’m getting my life back.

Sappy Shit to Get Over

The first was toxic. As cliche as that is, it’s the truth. When my family found out about him and told me to break things off, I listened…and then he blackmailed me. I moved out, went to college, and that’s the last I heard from him. The second wasn’t much better. He was my first,…

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Local Dispensary Visit: Lightshade

As I’m typing this at my worn desk in our new apartment, surrounded by boxes of office supplies yet to be sorted through, my brother is playing Phasmophobia at his, recovering from his first long drag. We’re newbies to the cannabis industry, each of us having only tried gummies in Vegas.  We grew up in…

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The System’s Seeds are Faulty: Rhea

I Manto told me last winter I ought to enjoy the conveniences mind monitoring offers since we’re charged for it anyway. I told him he’s been working on the system for too many years. It’s a life giving, human monitoring system that deciphers brain waves and sends them to the food shops, healing specialists, entertainment…

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we find ourselves

when we let go of those

who make us hate who we are

— r.h. Sin, 2:25 a.m., planting gardens in graves


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Courtney Stringfellow
Denver, Colorado

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